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Accredited by NACAS

Accreditation demonstrates to potential students, current students, alumni, local or national employers, and clinic visitors that the Frederick School of Cosmetology is a quality organization, as measured and observed by NACCAS.

Financial Aid

The Frederick School of Cosmetology offers Federal financial aid. Please contact us at 301-668-2900 about questions you may have about the financial aid process

Clinic Hours

Tue: 1 pm to 4 pm
Wed and Thur: 10 am to 7 pm
Fri and Sat: 10 am to 4 pm

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible. Walk-ins are accepted.

Cosmetology Program


The cosmetology program consists of a student orientation session, theory class, demonstrations, and at the senior level includes "hands on" practical experience in the teaching facilities' clinic using the Milady’s Standard of Cosmetology program.

Read more: Cosmetology Program

Enroll at FSC

Thank you for your interest in enrolling. Please contact us at 301-668-2900 to initiate the enrollment process or click "Enroll Me Today". A new student can start depending upon availability. Please take a few moments to review the admission requirements below.  

New Students

To be accepted into the cosmetology program, an applicant must be at least 17 years of age. Applicant must submit proof of either a valid G.E.D or high school diploma prior to admission.

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Transfer Students

Transfer students must show proof of the following: previous cosmetology school transcripts. Students will meet with the School Director to be evaluated. Evaluation process will include a test in theory and practical with a minimum-passing grade of 75% to determine the eligibility and amount of transfer hours. No credit of clock hours will be granted if previous cosmetology training is more than one year old. This will be discussed prior to enrollment and agreed upon by both the transferring student and Frederick School of Cosmetology.

Students enrolling in the cosmetology program and who currently hold either a Nail Technician or Esthetician license will receive credit for 175 clock hours towards the Cosmetology 1500 clock hour requirement.

Transfer student’s tuition will be based on an hourly rate. Prorated tuition will be calculated by dividing the amount of total clock hours needed to complete the course by the total tuition amount due multiplied by remaining balance of hours needed to complete the course. Registration fee of $150.00 will be required, and the student will need to purchase any missing student kit supplies (FSC is available to assist the student to acquire the missing supplies.)

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Equal Opportunity For All 

Frederick School of Cosmetology does not discriminate against religion, race, creed, color, sex, national/ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or handicap. No otherwise-qualified person shall, on the basis of such discrimination, be excluded from or denied the benefits of any program or service of the school.

Vaccinations Policy

Frederick School of Cosmetology does not have an immunization requirement for admission to this institution.

Voter Registration

In the United States, voter registration is the right and responsibility of all people. Register today and start exercising your civil right to make a difference. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED - MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Voter registration forms can be found in the school's lobby.

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